ICU nursing stories, nursing stories, and life stories! Added bonus: random dancing!


Trying my hand at a blog! I'm just getting back into writing and storytelling so bear with me as I misuse the English language :)


Welcome to a starter blog of a starter bloggist! A blog about random happenings, thoughts, shenanigans, and so on of a young adult female living in a wanna be metropolis.

I moved to SB for a brand-spankin’ new job and the many friends who are amazingly supportive. My wish was to be home with my amazing family but my career would have suffered greatly if I had gone that route. Hopefully I can find a sense of belonging in this town and maybe my next great adventure! I look forward to sharing my journey with you.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy intubatedandsedated ^_^



Please enjoy this lovely video of Chicago that Wordpress decided to insert here :) I shall keep it while I work on a video of my own!