Move the Mountains!


Prompt the mountains to move

Prompt the valleys to fill

Prompt the rivers to drain

Prompt the mountains to move!

During one of my few summers of college I went on a seven day hiking/camping trip with my local Boy Scout (venture crew) Squad to Philmont, New Mexico. The “main event” for the trip was climbing Mount Baldy, the highest peak on the Boy Scout property. A peak so high that trees do not grow at the top – hence the name! It has a total elevation of over 12,000 feet! Luckily we were already pretty high up there so the day of the trek we did not have to climb all of that! (Pictured below. See? It is bald! I climbed to the tippy top of that!)


I was surprised at myself. I had made it through sleeping in below freezing weather (or what seemed like it), hiking in scorching hot sun, peeing on rocks, and very, very few showers. However! I conquered many fears that trip..or at least..became steps closer to conquering some fears of mine. I grew up a bit on that trip. I also realized a few strengths of mine. Overall, it was a challenging, yet rewarding trip!SHale.jpg

I have a fear of heights. No..that’s wrong. I have a fear of falling from high places. Human beings were not meant to be 3,000 feet in the air! When attempting to reach the top of Mount Baldy the ground goes from being horizontal to vertical. And there are NO ropes people! You are crawling on your hands and feet on shale rock. Hot, hot shale rock! (pictured to the side!) >>>>>

On that day, that fateful, wonderful, thrilling day, I came a few steps closer to being okay with heights. Why? Because I made it. I was frightened out of my mind and not only did I

Me, on the left, and my friend, Lizz, at the top of Mount Baldy! There were 50 mph winds!!

make it to the top, I made it to the bottom without falling down the mountain to my death!


I am the type of person who likes to be in control. (Go figure, I would chose ICU nursing!). I like control and I hate it when I seemingly do not have control (when, really, I know that I am never in control of anything but I trust in the One who is..another story, another time!). And for this trip I had to release that control. I wanted to be in the front. I wanted to go go go! But who were the others that wanted to ‘go go go’ and be first and in control? High school boys. Pubescent boys who do not take orders from anyone and do not hold back for anyone. So I hung back. I decided to join the “mosey” group (we had a song!) and I decided to not only let go of the control, but to also enjoy the time I had to spend with the awesome mosey group and the beautiful outdoors. It became not about the destination, but the journey. It became about soaking in every detail, every sound, smell sight, and cougar! that crossed our paths. It was the best feeling in the world, not having to be in control. Letting it go! And just enjoying!

Turns out it was just what the mosey group needed: me letting go of control, enjoying my

Some of the troop! See me??

surroundings, and my untapped skills of navigating! Oh the times they needed me!! I became the navigator and the “keeper of the map” and the times we became lost/needed me were the times another human thought they could take over navigating (and me exercising my skill of letting go would let them!). When I first started driving, I got lost

ALL the time. Not just, every once in a while…ALL the time! The final straw was getting lost in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, and ending up in a different town! That was Junior year of high school (pre smart phones!). After that night, I took every step necessary to become a boss at directions. And I did! But that was just with driving. It was not until this adventurous trip to Philmont that I realized how much of a bada$$ I had become at directions and navigations!


The trip was, by far, one of the most memorable, memory making, and impressionable trips I have been on. I let go of part of my fear of falling (it’s been a long road!), I let go of control, and I still shined! AND it was a blast and a half 😀

So, can I move mountains? Yes. I moved mountains in my life that had not been budging for years. I moved the mountains!




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