Well, Damn.

I am a giver.

In relationships (friends, family, romantic, etc), I give and give of myself until the point that I am giving all of myself. Expecting nothing in return. Asking for nothing in return. And what happens? The majority of those relationships I become the one who is pushed aside, taken advantage of, and thrown away like a piece of trash and then I am blamed for when things go south. So I am done. I am done being the one who is always chasing and pleasing people. I am done accepting less than I deserve. I deserve to be treated like a queen because I expect nothing less FROM myself FOR the person I am with (well..I would be treating them like a king). I am done being treated like an option, second best, a distraction, “something to do”..

So yes, damn.

Damn those who are too caught up in their own selves to realize how their actions affect those around them.

Damn the lazy and immature who think they can pull the same crap they always do and still get treated like royalty.

Damn the millennials who think dating is overrated and it is all about “hanging out” and “netflix and chilling.”

Damn those who lives run on instant gratification/reward with no effort whatsoever.

Damn those who accept less than what they deserve without a word of protest.

Damn the many who ruin it for the few.

Damn the boys who could not tough it out when the going got tough.

Damn the boys who ran at the first sign of trouble.

Damn the boys.

Yes, damn.

No one should accept less than what they deserve. Talking about feelings is normal, showing someone you are interested by communicating with them is normal. Being present-choosing to be present-is normal.

People communicate with those they want to keep in their lives.

I do not make many attachments. But when I finally choose to make one, I attach hard. I give myself to feed, foster, and grow the connection. I do not choose people lightly and so far, the choices of friends and romances I have made in the past, have turned out for the worst. They have failed due to miscommunications and the inability of the other person to be an adult and voice their concerns and what they see as problems so that, together, a solution can be found/made/created.

Emotions are tightly wrapped up in the overall picture of our health. If our emotions are unbalanced and wreaking havoc on our lives, our body will respond accordingly: fight or flight. I have chosen too many times to fight when I should have flown. I have tied myself down to attachments that only made me worse. It is hard to let go. Extremely. I am still holding on to some when I have told myself countless times that it is over, let it go!

Just let it go. It takes 10 times the effort to hold up a burning bridge than to run away and never look back. Forgive, yet do not forget. You forget, you die! Learn from past mistakes so they are not repeated and your heart is not worse off for.

Fly, my delicate readers! Do not let the jealousy and bitterness of people who decided, for whatever reason, to remove themselves from your life, hold you down! Fly and I will fly with you.

Fly, fools! Fly! And we will come out on the other side clothed in pure white and radiating how! Fly ❤



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