Hello stranger!

I have not posted frequently enough. It has been too busy which, in my case, is a good thing! It has been a month and a half into my orientation at my new place and it is a complete 180 from my previous place. I have seen more exciting things and learned more intense things in this 1.5 months than in a year at my other places. The people are ridiculously nice and supportive. The doctors are decent. And I feel challenged every night.

Oh yeah, and I am on nightshift (zzZzzzz). I don’t think it’ll be too bad. It’s my second week and I have managed to stay awake! Tonight is the last night of 3 nights in a row so I cannot wait for tomorrow but I am excited for tonight!

The only downside to the past couple of months is the people I work with in regards to the condo I am renting. They have been downright HORRIBLE. Needless to say, I should have never moved here. I shouldn’t have ignored the red flags! However, desperate times called for desperate measures. Hopefully I can convince my roommate to find a better place with me. More on this later.

For now! I am too tired to continue writing this evening. I must venture forth for caffiene, scrubs, and food!




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