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The random ponderings, happenings, and shenanigans that such a person could get into.

Also, iDance. This is also a dancing blog. Enjoy 🙂

“It’s about the creativity of the individual dancer”

“Based not upon choreography but on a dancer’s ability to lead or follow, Social dance entails spontaneity and constant interplay between the music and the partner. The pursuit of perfection for a Social Swing dancer means being able to dance gracefully and skillfully with a variety of partners; leading or following with a flair of individual expression in a tandem duet of synchronized energy. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fast song or a slow song, one you’ve never heard before, or a tune you’ve danced to over and over again. You don’t feel exactly the same way twice, so you dance it differently each time. And when it all comes together – when you’ve clicked with the music and your partner, you’re in sync with the rhythm and your entire body’s moving with effortless ease – everything feels just right. There is elation and joy, as satisfying as any perfectly executed choreographed performance routine. Those are what great social dancing moments are made of.”

It’s not complicated..it’s never complicated..it’s just fear, fear that they won’t feel the same way, but “Avoiding danger is no safer than outright exposure…life is either a daring adventure, or nothing” ♥