Gentle Embrace

A pilgrimage. A journey to a sacred place. A journey of prayer, renewal, and discovery. All of this and more were present throughout The Holy Spirits Pilgrimage I went on recently with Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend and Verso Ministries. I decided to go on the pilgrimage for several reasons but my main motivation was to deepen my relationship with God. What better … More Gentle Embrace

Snapchat Deleted.

Did they look at it? Did he see my snap? Have they added something to their story? Snapchat. More like Anxietychat. Every once in a while social media feeds into my anxiety, making it worse than I can handle. I’ve deactivated Facebook more than a few times and I no longer receive notifications on my … More Snapchat Deleted.

I Hold On

PSA: This post is different from any previous post I’ve done. And a LOT longer!… …There’s not many times anymore that I feel inspired to writer “poetry.” But I have recently and I have decided to share it with the interwebs! It’s long…like an Epic Poem! And it’s very rough and very personal but here … More I Hold On

The 6th Vital Sign

Hey readers! It’s been quite awhile since I have posted. I would say that that’s a good sign! So much has happened in 8 months and hopefully a post will come soon about it 🙂 As for this post, it’s more nursing fun! Some random ponderings one night at work. Enjoy! Pain sucks. That much … More The 6th Vital Sign


I know that soon into this post you will be asking, “This is a Nurse blog! Why are you discussing dancing?” Surprise! Nurses are people too and have a variety of interests. One of mine happens to be Swing Dancing! You know, the dancing of the 1920s that our grandparents reminisce about? Ever heard of … More iLindy


Hello stranger! I have not posted frequently enough. It has been too busy which, in my case, is a good thing! It has been a month and a half into my orientation at my new place and it is a complete 180 from my previous place. I have seen more exciting things and learned more … More UPdate!