Move the Mountains!

Mountain Prompt the mountains to move Prompt the valleys to fill Prompt the rivers to drain Prompt the mountains to move! During one of my few summers of college I went on a seven day hiking/camping trip with my local Boy Scout (venture crew) Squad to Philmont, New Mexico. The “main event” for the trip … More Move the Mountains!

Well, Damn.

I am a giver. In relationships (friends, family, romantic, etc), I give and give of myself until the point that I am giving all of myself. Expecting nothing in return. Asking for nothing in return. And what happens? The majority of those relationships I become the one who is pushed aside, taken advantage of, and … More Well, Damn.


Hello and welcome to the new blog of an ICU nurse!  This past year has been, well…less than ideal. Extremely less than ideal. However, I have learned many things in both nursing and life that I intend to capture with this blog. 🙂 Primarily, I will focus on mental, emotional, and spiritual health BUT because … More Welcome!