Costumes, Cons, and Disney

No stories recently? I know, I apologize…but there have been no intensely sick people! Which is a good thing ^_^

To move on to another love: I had the awesome opportunity to attend the New York Comic Con 2016! It was my first Comic Con (I have attended a couple Anime Cons) and it was quite the experience. We spent the first full day just wandering around New York and trying to hit some big places:

ghostbusteresnyc9/11 Memorial, Time Square, Central Park, the original Ghostbusters Firehouse! …And, of course, shopping 😀 It was a nice walk around the city but their public transit system is BEYOND confusing. We made it back to our hotel in the end 😀







yjgirlsnycc16The second day was at NYCC2016 and it was sensory overload!!! But it was THRILLING! My only regret: not breaking in my heels before today. Grant, they were Goodwill buys but lesson has been learned – they still need to be broken in. My feet were bruised up and blistered by the end of the day. But it was worth it!





Day 2 at the con was Family day so we went as Disney Ladies!


I also had a first time experience: Auditioning for a voice over in a new movie about one of my favorite shows growing up: Yu-Gi-Oh!!!!! I was nervous and excited! I did not think they would even let me try (there were SO MANY people). But I got to go into the soundproof booth, put on the headphones, and receive a little coaching! They gave you 3 times to try and when I left the booth after the third one, one of the guys working on it CLAPPED! And the lady goes “oh, a clap! That’s the first one all day ^_^ 😀 :D!!! I was jumping for JOY!! I am sure I will not be chosen but the experience of it in and of itself is all that matters. It was a GREAT weekend and I cannot wait for my next COMICCON (March 2017)

It’s time to Duel!!

WHAT a weekend! There are many, many, MANY more memories that were made but that is all I have the energy for right now.

‘Til next time!!

Keep your magic strong ❤


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